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Ocean Leadership Master Program at UiT

Ocean Leadership Master Programme UiT

Ocean Leadership is an international executive master’s degree for professionals in marine or maritime sectors who want to help lead the shift towards sustainable and resilient futures.


The Ocean Leadership master’s program is taken part-time over 3 years, with the first two years focused on coursework (through a combination of face-face teaching and online modules for independent study) and the final year dedicated to working on a change project of relevance to the participant’s professional sphere.

The program aims to support both established and emerging leaders in navigating the complex landscape of ocean challenges and build their capacity to lead innovative solutions. Recognising that both current and future challenges span social, ecological and technical systems, Ocean Leadership is a transdisciplinary program that brings together knowledge and expertise across a range of relevant fields to help craft integrative pathways forward. This includes teaching and learning on cross-cutting topics such as adaptive and transformative leadership, sustainability and resilience, ocean law and governance, and innovation and digital transformation.


The program is open to Nordic and European applicants from all ocean-based sectors and types of organisations, with 5 years of work experience and 2 years of leadership experience (at any level) required to apply.

Applications open 1st February and close 1st March 2024.


More information about the program is available on the UiT website, in this 3 minute YouTube video, and in this one-page flyer.

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