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PERMAGOV marine life governance

Marine Life

By 2030, the EU aims to protect 30% of its land and sea areas. Reaching conservation and restoration goals entails sustainable governance of increasing human use of space and marine resources. Importantly, the EU and its member states need to steer towards more responsible fisheries to decrease harmful impacts of fishing on target/non-target species and habitats, on the one hand, and to increase the potential of fisheries to support food systems, ecological quality and human wellbeing (e.g. coastal communities, tourism), on the other. Cases under this regime complex contribute to the European Green Deal ambitions toward preservation and restoration of ecosystems and biodiversity while further developing sustainable food production. The focus is on seabed integrity in the Baltic Sea and sustainable fisheries in Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Mediterranean Sea (Italy).

Case Studies

PERMAGOV marine life case studies

Seabed Integrity in the Baltic Sea

Sustainable Fisheries in the Italian MPAs

PERMAGOV Marine Life case studies research on seabed integrity in the Baltic Sea, and Sustainable Fisheries in Italian MPAs
Funded by the European Union
UK Research and Innovation funding

PERMAGOV has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe research and innovation programme HORIZON-CL6-2022-GOVERNANCE-01-03 under grant agreement No 101086297, and by UK Research and Innovation under the UK government’s Horizon Europe funding guarantee grant numbers 10045993, 10062097, 101086297.

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