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Marine Governance Workshop: Co-Creation In Action

Here in PERMAGOV we are strongly opposed to the silo mentality. No no no..

We believe it's important to keep the doors wide open for cooperation and knowledge sharing, as this enables us to

  • Establish a sounding board for project activities/results

  • Get critical friends who can pinpoint areas for improvement, and in so doing prevent the consortium from becoming an echo chamber

  • Keep abreast of the latest developments/opportunities in marine affairs

  • Make project results more sustainable through joint action

Stakeholder workshop on marine governance

What a day it was! Ideas swirled like sand in a vortex. Heated discussions, brainstorming sprints, energising ice breakers, copious coffee breaks perfect for corridor conversations and networking. We had them all.

Endless thanks to everyone who came and made this forum (the first of many) possible.

Event summary is available here.

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PERMAGOV has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe research and innovation programme HORIZON-CL6-2022-GOVERNANCE-01-03 under grant agreement No 101086297, and by UK Research and Innovation under the UK government’s Horizon Europe funding guarantee grant numbers 10045993, 10062097, 101086297.

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